Founded in 2011 by Raquel Melgarejo Antequera and Mirko Panico, iTiT takes care of the entire process of making cosmetic products for lips, eyes and face, from the initial concepts to the chemical formulation of the product, from production to packaging, always looking at the latest trends in fashion and self-care.



Raw materials

iTiT Cosmetics


at the center of everything is the molecule, the minimum unit of all creations

Cosmetics is first of all deception of the senses, in order for the illusion to work care and preparation are required, and that’s how iTiT works: at the core the study of molecules, the minimum unit of any creation, and from there textures, perfumes, colors, active ingredients, with total respect to the quality of raw materials. This is how the architectures of the iTiT cosmetics are born, a show in three acts: pose, spread, surprise.


iTiT COSMETICS provides all the strategic support to transform an idea into a successful product: find the right packaging to give your success product a new range extension, trend-hunting, dedicated laboratory research, exclusive chemical formulations, specialist tests, market and product studies. All with the ability to follow the project update in shared and real-time mode.